TensorGrid rapidly processes your media using state of the art deep learning technology to extract high level content and relationships. Now you can find relevant content using the power of visual search, face recognition, your own custom classifiers, and our powerful visual recommender technology.


TensorGrid applies state of the art deep learning image analytics algorithms to tag your media with rich high level information such as scenes, objects, concepts, and identities

Our media analytics tools summarise your content in simple, intuitive and interactive ways and our visual recommender helps you find content you may have overlooked

You can also train your own bespoke classifiers in a few simple clicks with your own data.


Our platform scales to millions of images with ease. TensorGrid achieves this by utilising both vertical (multi-CPU, multi-GPU) and horizontal (cluster) scaling. It can scale seamlessly to process high volumes of data.

TensorGrid can be deployed in a range of ways; in the cloud, on your private network, or on a standalone machine. We also offer pre-configured multi-GPU TensorGrid servers so you can hit the ground running. You can use our intuitive web-based interface or access the platform using our REST API.


Manual media analysis is a laborious, time consuming task. For investigative work, TensorGrid drastically reduces the time needed to review a collection of media.

It’s easy to overlook content when under time pressure. TensorGrid can help you truly understand and exploit your media to its fullest potential. Searching for content becomes easy and fast, and the right media comes to the top of your stack.



The visual recommender plugin helps you locate relevant content that you might otherwise overlook. Simply give the recommender one or more examples of what you are looking for and it will create a dynamic classifier on the fly and recommend media for you to view.

TensorGrid’s Local Search plugin brings a step change in performance for finding similar content. Simply select a region of an image and the system will identify other similar regions from your dataset.

Our Deep Learning based Face Recognition plugin identifies faces and identities in your media. You can search for specific numbers of faces, specific people, and identify key identities and relationships (who knows who) in your media with human level performance.

Extract key text from images, diagrams and drawings and perform multi-language Deep Learning based OCR. Make the text within your images searchable.

If you need to detect and/or censor adult content then our NSFW plugin provides the solution. Rapidly scan your media for content of concern and exercise your duty of care by hiding or flagging the content.

Bring the power of Deep Learning to your fingertips. Train your own high performance classifier to detect the content you are most interested in, and slot this classifier into your media ingest pipeline.

Expert assistance with building your own plugin​

In addition to our off-the-shelf plug-ins, we can help you build your own algorithm or plugin. Our team of pattern recognition experts can help you with the entire process from concept to operational use. Leave us a message below and we will get in touch.


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