Cubica’s High-Level Decision Making Module (HLDMM) identifies threats and reduces false alarms by intelligently processing sensor data. The HLDMM is a plug-and-play fusion and control module based on UK MOD’s “SAPIENT” architecture. It integrates sensor information using deep probabilistic algorithms to detect, classify, and identify targets, threats, and their behaviours. It can support a wide range of sensors including RADAR, LIDAR and EO/IR cameras, including Pan Tilt Zoom cameras.


Our HLDMM is capable of raising alerts based on the presence of people or vehicles in your areas of interest. It also provides the ability to detect complex patterns of events and behaviours such as U-turns, loitering, tail-gating, and anomalous behaviour such as not re-appearing from dead zones. The HLDMM uses probabilistic analysis to maximise threat detection and minimise false alarms. Its threat analysis process is extendible, allowing you to define your own complex patterns that are operationally relevant. Threat alerts contain human readable descriptions and imagery of relevance and events leading up to the alert can be replayed.


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The HLDMM utilises a powerful, flexible sensor management process that can control a team of sensors such as Pan Tilt Zoom cameras, RADARs, and UAVs to search for, localise, classify, and capture imagery of threats. It uses state-of-the-art optimisation to decide what each sensor should do and when. It is capable of monitoring multiple zones and threats simultaneously and automatically adapts to sensor failure and occlusion. This means you can surveil a larger area with fewer sensors.

The system self-configures to find the threats that you define, achieving an optimal balance of automation and intuitive behaviour. Alerts are ranked according to context to ensure the operator’s attention is focussed on the most important events. This significantly reduces the operator’s burden, allowing focus on operational response.

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This is the world’s first UK MOD SAPIENT compliant High Level Decision Making Module (HLDMM). SAPIENT is a next generation multi-sensor processing architecture, designed to be plug-and-play, allowing easy and fast connection of sensors from different suppliers, rather than being locked into a single supply chain. The UK MOD is actively encouraging sensor suppliers to adopt the SAPIENT architecture.



Target Detection, Tracking and Classification


Probabilistic Threat Evaluation


Human Readable Alerts with Threat Images


Advanced Target Behaviour Analysis


World-Leading Sensor Control


Easy Setup & Configuration


Plug and Play Architecture


Automatic Adaption to Sensor Failure


Geo-Spatial Interface


PTZ, RADAR, and UAV Control


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