Cubica Employee Wins 3rd Place / Top UK Place in International Data Science Challenge

@General News@

We are delighted to announce that a Cubica employee has won 3rd prize and was the highest UK ranked competitor in an International Data Science Challenge. The entry was made by one of our employees as a private individual, but made use of Cubica’s Deep Learning based object detection software. The challenge, which was sponsored…

Cubica awarded place on NVIDIA Inception Programme

@General News@

After careful review, Cubica has been selected to join the NVIDIA Inception Programme, which helps exceptional startup organisations accelerate their development through support, access to specialist hardware, and more.

Cubica at DSTL Pit Stop on “Autonomous Agents”


We are delighted to be taking part in today’s Digital Catapult “Pit Stop” sponsored by DSTL. The event is designed to increase understanding and use of “autonomous agents” within defence and security applications. Cubica has been selected to attend based on its experience and expertise in the areas of machine learning and human in the…

DSTL News Story on SAPIENT

@Sensor Management@

DSTL have published a news story about the SAPIENT programme. The article reports “Most security systems, such as CCTV cameras, simply collect data and feed it to an operator who assesses the situation and directs the system accordingly. Monitoring and interpreting lots of data can place a high cognitive burden on the operator. In the…

Invited Presentation at SSPD Industrial Panel

@Data Fusion@

Cubica will be presenting on “Real-World Challenges in Multi-Sensor Systems” at the Industrial Panel session at the forthcoming Sensor for Signal Processing for Defence conference, being held in Edinburgh on the 22nd-23rd September. Cubica has been invited to attend to share its experience with the various challenges that are faced in applying complex algorithms in…

Best Paper Nomination at IEEE MFI Conference


We are very pleased to announce that our paper, “Towards Integrated Threat Assessment and Sensor Management: Bayesian Multi-Target Search” has been nominated for the Best Paper award at the IEEE MFI Conference. Read more about our paper and the novel algorithm for searching areas for threats it presents here.

Bayesian Search Paper Accepted at IEEE MFI


We are delighted to announce that our paper “Towards Integrated Threat Assessment and Sensor Management: Bayesian Multi-Target Search” has been accepted at the forthcoming IEEE Multi Sensor Fusion and Integration (MFI) conference, to be held in Baden Baden between 19-12 September. Our paper presents a novel information-theoretic Bayesian algorithm for managing sensors to search for…

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