Claire Stanyer

Faster Digital Forensics with Cubica's Image Processing technology

Faster Digital Forensics at Security & Policing 2018

We are at Security & Policing 2018 showcasing how scalable content analysis can be used to dramatically speed up investigations in digital forensics. In our experience case success rate increases dramatically when security forces are able to achieve faster digital forensics investigations. Come and say hello at C29!

Invited Talk at Europol

Dr. Scott Page, Managing Director of Cubica recently held an Invited Talk at the 2016 Europol Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Conference. His presentation covered the use of automatic processing of OSINT data and, in particular, automatic verification techniques.

Cubica Presenting at SPIE DSS 2016

We are delighted to be presenting at the SPIE Security and Defence conference, 26-29 September 2016 in Edinburgh. Our paper “Threat Assessment and Sensor Management in a Modular Architecture” will be presented in a special SAPIENT-focussed Networks of Autonomous Sensors session of the Counter-Terrorism, Crime-Fighting and Defence conference. The paper presents a number of novel …

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