Simon Islip

Technical Director & Co-Founder

Simon has nearly two decades’ experience with software and systems, and is actively involved with all projects, ensuring that effective and efficient designs, architectures, practices, and tools are used.

Throughout his career, Simon has worked across the entire software and systems lifecycle and has extensive experience in architecting and developing complex systems involving both software and hardware components. He has considerable experience in the areas of image and data processing.


Simon Islip


Simon holds an MEng degree in Microelectronics and Software Engineering from Newcastle University where he specialised in real-time software. He worked for 12 years in the telecoms industry, working on software-hardware interaction across a portfolio of platforms. Prior to co-founding Cubica Technology, Simon spent 5 years developing state of the art image and signal processing systems for the defence and security sector. He held the role of Software Team Leader at Digital Barriers, managing a team of engineers on several major R&D projects for high profile international organisations. Simon is a certified Agile SCRUM master.

Featured Technology<br><br><sup>Sapient-HLDMM</sup>

Featured Technology


Our HLDMM is a SAPIENT compatible next-genaration sensor fusion and control system conceived by UK MOD. It is the first ever system of its type and acts as the central situational awareness and control module for the system. Simon remains heavily involved in the design of the software which is a complex multi-threaded real-time system.

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