Russell Brandon

Scientific Director & Co-Founder

Russell brings a wealth of experience and expertise in mathematical modelling and complex algorithm development. He provides guidance and technical assurance for algorithm development and real-time software implementation and is responsible for Cubica’s technology horizon scanning activities.

Russell Brandon


Russell holds undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Mathematics and Mathematical Modelling. Prior to co-founding Cubica Technology, Russell was a technical consultant at Digital Barriers, where he developed a wide range of image processing and machine learning algorithms including low-level filtering, de-noising, and target detection and classification systems. Russell has extensive experience in the application of machine learning techniques to object recognition in imagery, analyst-in-the-loop learning systems, as well as in the use of adaptive techniques to provide real-world robustness.

Featured Technology<br><br><sup>TensorGrid</sup>

Featured Technology


Russell is heavily involved in the development of our TensorGrid re-training system, particularly in the areas of aligning human and machine understanding. Having many years of real-world experience with developing his own classifiers in the defence sector, Russell is helping shape the tool to make the technology more accesible to non-specialists.

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