We are Cubica
Experts in Machine Learning, Image Processing and Data Fusion
We are a Research Team
We push technical boundaries and design state of the art algorithms and software
We are Engineers
We build systems and products designed to work at scale in real world scenarios
We are Tech for Good/Society
Our technology helps to save lives, stop crime and protect children

We are Cubica

Experts in Machine Learning, Image Processing and Data Fusion

Advancing the UK's Security Capabilities

We build state of the art algorithms, real-time software, and highly specialised turn-key systems for analysing and exploiting digital media content. Many of our technologies have been developed and commissioned to detect criminal behaviour, protect assets and help save lives.

Our portfolio covers image enhancement, image registration, deep learning based image and object recognition, target tracking, face recognition, text extraction, multi-language OCR, and more. We employ a hands-on approach to building prototypes, demonstrators, and products that deliver operational results in your day-to-day environment.

First and foremost, we are an advanced R&D organisation. We are led by a team with in-depth experience in solving some of the most complex technical challenges for industry and government. If you need support with a complex technical challenge or want to build a new capability, please get in touch. You can learn more about some of our example technologies below.


TensorGrid rapidly processes your media using state of the art deep learning technology to extract high level content and relationships.​


Cubica’s High-Level Decision Making Module (HLDMM) identifies threats and reduces false alarms by intelligently processing sensor data.


Image Processing

We have extensive experience in all areas of Image Processing and Computer Vision, including learning based techniques that approach and exceed human level performance in abstract content recognition.​

Machine Learning

We apply the latest machine learning technology in much of our work, including Deep Learning Neural Networks. Our team holds several PhDs in Mathematics, Computer Vision, Optimisation, and Statistics.​

Data Fusion​

We are experts in the fusion of data from multiple sources such as images, sensors, and OSINT, to build accurate and reliable understanding of situations and events. This is under-pinned by a strong background in statistics and probability.​


The technology we develop is designed to reduce analyst burden and remove people from hazardous situations. Applications include analyst-in-the-loop support tools, sensor management for base protection, and remote surveillance systems.​



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